Equinox Block

Our latest Block Study design is Equinox by Lou Orth, a member of the Oxfordshire MQG. This block is a beginner-friendly paper piecing design with lots of versatility and potential.

Modern Quilt0647.jpg

“I love this block! It has a large amount of negative space, which I’m drawn to in my designs; I like giving colour space to breathe. The secondary design created by the triangles can be changed, depending on the placement of the blocks, leaving some out, or sewing them on point, which allows the quilter to make it their own.” –Lou Orth

Modern Quilt0195.jpg
Modern Quilt0646.jpg

“I love to play with triangles and squares and the many different design outcomes that can be achieved through slightly changing the placement or colour of a particular part, or removing and adding sections. Designing this block, like many of my other designs, was achieved through this evolutionary process of design.” –Lou Orth


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About the Designer


Lou Orth

Lou is a quilt and sewing pattern designer working from Oxfordshire, UK. She started sewing not long after my first daughter was born and was instantly hooked on the amazing feeling that comes from creating something with your own hands. She soon discovered the world of modern, designer fabrics and never looked back.

Lou has worked for many British sewing and quilting magazines, creating patterns and projects for them. You can visit her website louorthdesigns.com and find her on Instagram and Pinterest as @louorthdesigns.

Photos by Austin Day / Styling by Lauren Day