Organic Diamonds Block

Our latest Block Study design is Organic Diamonds by Hannah Haberkern, a member of the Washington DC MQG. This block is a beginner-friendly paper piecing design with lots of versatility and potential.

“Long before I learned about quilting, I was fascinated by tiles and the magic that happens when they are combined in different ways to create unexpected secondary patterns. This fascination underlies the design of my organic diamond block.” –Hannah Haberkern

“The starting point was the classic flying geese block. I thought that it could be interesting to design a second block that would lead to a visual reinterpretation of the flying geese pattern when it gets combined with it. The result is a block that reminds me of both rays of light and stylized flower shapes, hence my name “organic diamond”. What I love about the design is that it lets a classic block appear in a new light by dissolving and extending its shape.” –Hannah Haberkern

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About the Designer


Hannah Haberkern

Hannah grew up in Germany and learned how to sew from her mother and grandmother. Many of her favorite childhood memories evolve around designing and sewing garments, yet for a while she lost touch with sewing and focused on other interests, such as her work as a neurobiologist. Recently, after a prolonged period of sickness, she rediscovered sewing as a compensatory activity to research. She then stumbled across and instantly fell in love with modern quilting, which opened up a new world of playing with graphic design and fabrics. You can see more of Hannah’s sewing adventures on her blog and on Instagram @verdigrissewing.

Photos by Austin Day / Styling by Lauren Day