Garments & Rulerwork: Embellished Skirt

Embellish your next favorite skirt with rulers! Use these tips from garment pro Jhasmine Andrews to create your own unique wardrobe.

About the Author


Jhasmine Andrews

Jhasmine is an attorney, pre-law adjunct instructor, and creator of StrictStitchery, a sewing blog. She is mostly self-taught and began her sewing journey with bag making in 2016. While most of her makes are garments these days, you will find that she will occasionally put down the fashion fabric and treat herself by creating a new wallet or purse. In 2017 Jhasmine decided to enter the blogger world and share her makes with the online sewing community, which has allowed her to meet and interact with a diverse group of makers who have helped her further her craft. When she is not working, sewing, or blogging you will usually catch her reading or running.