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The Modern Monthly is a collection of patterns, webinars and resources curated by the Modern Quilt Guild. The MQG’s mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community.


Each month, MQG members can access new, free modern quilting patterns designed by other members.
Download the patterns today for July, August, and September 2019.


by jenny haynes

Take your curve game up a notch and try something new with oval curves!

Fleeting Strings

by nicole neblett

Try a modern take on a string quilt with this fun and easy paper piecing pattern.

Disappearing Oranges

by Cheryl brickey

Explore a traditional orange peel block in a new way by using negative space.


In each issue, we’ll explore one modern block used two ways. Issue 02 features the Organic Diamonds block designed by Hannah Haberkern of the Washington DC MQG. Download the latest block pattern and two modern quilt patterns for Breeze and Pinwheels today.

Organic Diamonds by Hannah Haberkern

This two-part block features a traditional flying geese paired with a fun paper piecing template. It’s fun and versatile, and is the foundation for two quilt patterns by the MQG.

Breeze Quilt

This quilt uses the Organic Diamonds block in a different configurations to create modern symmetry.

Pinwheels Quilt

This quilt also uses the Organic Diamonds block and features negative space and an on-point diamond.


Each month, leading modern quilters and designers provide webinars for MQG members to watch for free. Recordings of previous webinars are also available. Check out what’s coming up next.

July 24 / Improv Hand Quilting

With Heidi Parkes

Join Heidi Parkes for an in-depth discussion of her approach to hand quilting, including stitch formation, improvisation, favorite tools, and sustainable ways to care for your hands.


More coming soon!


Learn and get inspired by the latest articles, tutorials and member spotlights.

18th Century British & Dutch Patchwork

by Janice E. frisch

Learn about the early history of European patchwork and how it influences our block-style layouts today.

Garments & Rulerwork: Embellished Skirt

by Jhasmine Andrews

Learn how to embellish a skirt with ruler work in this tutorial by garment sewist, Jhasmine Andrews.

How to Make an Easy Weighted Blanket

by Jessica Farthing

Ever wanted to make your own weighted blanket? Follow this fun and easy tutorial by Jessica Farthing to learn how!

Engaging Your Family in Quilting

By Jessica plunkett

Meet families who use their quilting passion as a family affair — and get tips for engaging your own family in quilting.

Wonder Fiber: Polyester in American Quilts

by Bill Volckening

Polyester is one of the most lamented quilting fabrics of the past, but like it or not, it is part of American quiltmaking tradition. Learn why in this article by collector Bill Volckening


Get to know members of this incredible community! In this issue, we’re getting to know two sisters who collaborate and quilt together — Karen Foster and Sharyl Sheppard.

Member Spotlight: Karen Foster, South Bay Area MQG

By Elaine Musiwa

Meet Karen Foster, an improvisational quilter and MQG member from California. She and her sister, Sharyl Sheppard are featured in this issue’s member spotlights — read about their creative process and collaborative spirits.

Member Spotlight: Sharyl Sheppard, Phoenix MQG

By Elaine Musiwa

Phoenix MQG member Sharyl Sheppard has traveled the world and incorporates lessons from abroad into her designs. She also sews with her sister, Karen Foster — who we also interviewed for a member spotlight in this issue.